9th Workshop on Substrate-Mediated Polymorphism in Organic Thin Films

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9th Workshop on Substrate-Mediated Polymorphism in Organic Thin Films

Start Date 25th Sep 2017
End Date 27th Sep 2017

This workshop aims to build on the understanding and uses of a special class of crystal polymorphs which only exist in the vicinity of a solid substrate and are denoted as (metastable) surface-mediated polymorphs (SMPs). These polymorph are of importance for organic semiconducting conjugated molecules used in novel opto-electronic devices, where thin film structure is crucial for device performance, and also for phamaceutical systems, where utilising the enhanced properties of some SMPs is an emerging field of research.

The following aspects will be covered in the workshop:

  • Self-assembly of molecules at surfaces
  • Nucleation of molecular crystals at surfaces
  • Organic thin film processing
  • Thin film polymorphs of conjugated molecules
  • Thin film polymorphs of active pharmaceutical ingredients
  • Crystal structure solution from thin films
  • Theoretical crystal structure prediction

Invited speakers:

Ulrich Griesser (University of Innsbruck, Austria), Lynn Loo (Princeton University, USA), Isaac Sugden (Imperial College London, UK)

Michael Ward (New York University, USA), Milica Todorovic (Aalto University, Finland), Allan Myerson (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)

Alexandre Tkatchenko (Université du Luxembourg, Luxembourg), Ben Ocko (Brookhaven National Lab, USA), Roman Forker (University of Jena, Germany)


The abstract deadline for contributed talks and posters is the 15th of June, 2017.

Location Graz
Contact Michaela Kogler
URL http://www.if.tugraz.at/smp/

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Topics Crystal growth | Polymorphism