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Next-Generation Materials for Energy Chemistry. Faraday Discussion 176

Start Date 27th Oct 2014
End Date 29th Oct 2014


  • System integration from atomic, molecular, nano to meso scale towards optimised design of energy materials
  • Design of material systems to optimizer the energy enrichment of renewable sources for photochemical, thermal-to-electric conversion, and mechanical-to-electric conversion systems
  • How interfacial chemistry takes place in the energy-related processes, focusing on design principles of efficient (electro)catalysts, in-situ characterization methods and theories in energy conversion and storage
  • New materials and innovations for energy applications, including new light harvesting materials/semiconductors, plasmonics-enhanced energy conversion, new catalysts for biomass conversion, and energy-related bioinspiration/biomimetic systems          
Location Xiamen
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Topics General | Materials