Event Name

Neutrons & Food 3

Start Date 9th Jul 2014
End Date 10th Jul 2014

Neutrons & Food 3

After the two first Neutrons and Food conferences in Sydney (2010) and in Delft (2012), “Neutrons and Food 3” will be held inside Paris at "La Maison du Lait" from Wednesday 9th to Friday 11th of July 2014, and is co-organized by AgroSup Dijon and Laboratoire Léon Brillouin. It will be preceded by an introduction to Neutron Scattering and a visit of the reactor Orphée at the French National Center for Neutron Scattering (Laboratoire Léon Brillouin) at Saclay, nearly 30km from Paris, for interested attendees. 

Neutron Imaging

A satellite meeting on "Neutron Imaging" is organized from Monday 7th afternoon to Wednesday 9th morning at Saclay. A common session between the "neutron imaging workshop" and the "neutrons & food 3" conference will happen the Wednesday 9th morning


F. Cousin (Laboratoire Léon Brillouin)
C. Loupiac (AgroSup Dijon)

Scientific committee

François Boué (INRA-Grignon, France)
Wim Bouwman (Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands)
Elliot P. Gilbert (ANSTO, Australia)
Andrew Jackson (ESS, Sweden)
Saïd Bouhallab (INRA-Rennes, France)
Benoît Goldschmidt (Bel-R&D-Vendôme, France)
Laurent Forny (Nestlé,NRC, Suisse)
Raffaele Mezenga (ETHZ, Suisse)
Andrée Voilley (AgroSup Dijon, France)
Location Paris
URL http://www.neutronsandfood.com/

Category Conferences
Topics Neutron scattering