Event Name

MLZ Conference Neutrons for Health

Start Date 27th Jun 2017
End Date 30th Jun 2017
Description The conference will cover major topics of neutron scattering and neutron radiation for health ranging from treatment of amyloid diseases, protein folding, details of enzyme behaviour, understanding of cell-membrane interactions, identification of new drug targets, development of advanced drug-delivery systems, antibiotic resistance, treatment of genetic diseases, implants and biocompatible materials, tissue regeneration, cancer diagnosis and therapy, radiopharmaceuticals as well as medical applications and treatments. In addition methodological instrument developments are an important contribution to enhance medical and health research with neutrons.
Location Bad Reichenhall
Contact Thomas Gutberlet
URL https://webapps.frm2.tum.de/indico/e/neutronsforhealth

Category Conferences
Topics Neutron scattering