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Research with High Energy X-Rays at Ultra-Low Emittance Sources

Start Date 13th Feb 2017
End Date 15th Feb 2017

High-energy X-rays are used in many fields of science, from solid-state physics, chemistry and biomedical science to geoscience, engineering materials science and nanotechnology. PETRA IV can provide unique conditions for experiments with high-energy X-rays. In particular, the high-energy X-ray beam can be efficiently focused to obtain local information about the sample, e.g. using powder and single-crystal diffraction, pair-distribution-function (PDF) analysis, grain mapping, imaging in absorption and phase contrast, and potentially even coherent X-ray diffraction imaging. In this way, PETRA IV opens a unique perspective for in-situ and operando experiments.

The scientific case for high-energy X-rays at an ultra-low emittance source will be discussed together with the required experimental parameters.

Location DESY, Hamburg
URL https://indico.desy.de/conferenceDisplay.py?confId=16660

Category Conferences
Topics Synchrotron radiation