Event Name

CERMODEL - Modelling and Simulation Meet Innovation in Ceramics Technology

Start Date 26th Jul 2017
End Date 28th Jul 2017

Topics of interest

  • Prediction/simulation of crystal structure and properties of advanced ceramics
  • Characterization and modeling of surfaces, interfaces and grain boundaries at multiple scales in ceramics
  • Modeling and simulation of grain growth and microstructure evolution in ceramics
  • Virtual material design for new innovative materials
  • Novel simulation methods for ceramic processing: shaping and sintering
  • Modeling and simulation for ceramic composite manufacturing
  • Modeling and simulation for CMCs, UHTCs, and UHTCMCs
  • Mathematical models of electrical and magnetic properties in ceramics
  • Mathematical model of optical and physical properties in ceramics
  • Materials design for extreme environments
  • Simulation/characterization of mechanical and tribological behavior
  • Simulation/characterization of material behavior at high-temperatures
  • Improvement performance through prediction and modelling in refractories and clay-based ceramics
  • New ceramics for renewable energy applications
Location Trento
URL http://events.unitn.it/en/cermodel2017

Category Conferences
Topics Characterisation of materials | Surface studies