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DSE2015. 100 Years of the Debye Scattering Equation

Start Date 14th Jun 2015
End Date 18th Jun 2015

A workshop dedicated to the centenary of the publication of P. Debye’s paper on «Zerstreuung von Röntgenstrahlen» (Feb. 25th, 1915), which first provided an expression for the diffraction from a randomly oriented powder of scatterers. 

Over the past twenty years, the rising interest in nanomaterials, and the ever growing power and availability of computers has revived interest in the Debye Scattering Equation (DSE), which is now a paradigm in the analysis of the matter at the nanoscale. Besides and beyond the DSE, stemming from the same root, Total Scattering methods have grown steadily, gaining increasingly popularity with the Pair Distribution Function (PDF) approach. The common root is in the description of scattering based on atomic distances in clusters of atoms/molecules and nanoparticles, as an alternative to the concept of unit cell and translational symmetry of the traditional crystallography for ideal bulk crystals.

This workshop is dedicated to DSE history, methodology, new ideas and representative applications, with further interest in PDF and Total Scattering methods to study matter at the atomic scale independently of its degree of order, be it amorphous, nanocrystalline or simply a disordered crystal.

As a focused and intensive workshop DSE2015 is limited to 50 participants. Besides a restricted number of invited speakers, admission to the workshop is conditioned by the acceptance of an abstract; as an alternative to an abstract, a motivation letter can also be presented. Admission is decided (no appeal) by the Scientific Committee (Billinge-Cervellino-Neder-Scardi). Title and abstract submitted at this stage can then be modified if/when necessary before the workshop.

The program, distributed over four days, provides for a single session with extended time for discussion after keynote and contributed talks. A half-day session is dedicated to Poster presentations.

The choice of a limited and selected participation and the location in a comfortable resort nearby a small town of the Dolomitic mountain area of Italy, are intended to promote free discussions and to foster the beginning of collaborations and projects.

Written contributions of accepted talks/posters will be considered for publication – after the workshop – in special issues of peer-reviewed (ISI-Scopus) Journals. More details to be provided soon.


Location Cavalese, Trentino
URL http://www.dse2015.org/

Category Workshops
Topics Computing | Data analysis | General | Materials | Mathematical and Theoretical Crystallography | Powder diffraction