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NETTAB 2014: From high-throughput structural bioinformatics to integrative systems biology

Start Date 15th Oct 2014
End Date 17th Oct 2014
Description NETTAB 2014 Workshop is the fourteenth edition of a series of events devoted to Network Tools and Applications for Biology.

NETTAB 2014 is a joint event with the 2014: Crystal (cl)Year meeting, a celebration in the occasion of the International Year of Crystallography 2014,  it will be followed by the annual meeting of the Centre for Complex Systems in Molecular Biology and Medicine.

The workshop may then represent a virtual bridge between these two events, showing how to manage and elaborate structural and high-throughput proteomics data so that it may be integrated with information from other life sciences disciplines with the aim of reaching a richer description and a deeper understanding of mechanisms and interactions in the involved system: the human being and its physiological and pathological states.

The topics of the workshop will be centered around methods, tools, applications, and perspectives on structural bioinformatics, proteomics and integrative systems biology.

Contributions to the NETTAB 2014 workshop should be focused on, but not limited to, the following non exhaustive list of topics about bioinformatics methods, tools and applications for:

  • Models, standards and management of high-throughput biological data
  • Structural bioinformatics
  • Functional proteomics
  • Mass spectrometry
  • Drug discovery
  • Systems biology

Speakers: Ram Samudrala, Ada Yonath,  Torsten Schwede, Wolfgang Marwan

Special guests: Lilia Alberghina, Guido Capitani

Location Turin
URL http://www.igst.it/nettab/2014/

Category Workshops
Topics Biological macromolecules