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Sagamore XVIII. Conference on Charge, Spin and Momentum Densities

Start Date 7th Jun 2015
End Date 12th Jun 2015

The conference will be held 7-12 June in Santa Margherita di Pula (CA), Sardinia, Italy. The Sagamore XVIII will be focussed on:

Experimental probes for CSMD
CSMD for chemical and crystal engineering
Improved methods for CSMD
Insights on functional materials
DFT and theoretical methods
Dynamics: structure evolution and densities
Topological Approaches
CSMD at extreme conditions
CSMD in the life sciences
Preliminary list of topics:
  • Advances in experimental probes for charge, spin and momentum densities
  • Improved methods for improved densities
  • Progress in DFT and theoretical methods for solids and related accuracy of properties of interest to Charge Spin and Momentum Density (CSMD)
  • Topological Approaches: where we go
  • CSMD at extreme conditions
  • Charge and spin density analyses for Chemical and Crystal Engineering
  • Functional materials: insight from charge, spin and momentum densities
  • Dynamics: structure evolution and densities
  • Nanoscale: structure, dynamics and densities - Electronic properties of nanomaterials
  • CSMD in the life sciences (Understanding electronic and magnetic properties in bioactive
  • What is the future of CSMD? (Round Table)

The Sagamore conference series started in 1964 focussing on aspects of the charge density. If you are curious about the name "Sagamore" name, you can read the history of Sagamore conferences.
Location Sardinia
URL http://www.sagamorexviii.org/

Category Conferences
Topics Charge, spin and momentum densities | General