United Kingdom

This is a list of forthcoming meetings in United Kingdom that are recorded in the IUCr Calendar of Events. Please let us know of any that are missing by completing this form or sending an email to forthcoming.meetings@iucr.org.

DL_Software Training Workshop United Kingdom 19th Feb 2018 - 22nd Feb 2018
The application of analytical SEM and EPMA in the earth sciences United Kingdom 27th Feb 2018 - 2nd Mar 2018
International Conference on Nanofilms 2018 United Kingdom 20th Mar 2018 - 23rd Mar 2018
BCA Spring Meeting United Kingdom 26th Mar 2018 - 29th Mar 2018
Powder Diffraction & Rietveld Refinement School United Kingdom 8th Apr 2018 - 13th Apr 2018
The Astbury Conversation 2018 United Kingdom 16th Apr 2018 - 17th Apr 2018
Quasicrystals: pattern formation and aperiodic order United Kingdom 4th Jun 2018 - 8th Jun 2018
UKSR50. 50 years of Synchrotron Radiation in the UK and its global impact United Kingdom 26th Jun 2018 - 29th Jun 2018
14th TOPAS Users Meeting United Kingdom 29th Jun 2018 - 1st Jul 2018
EPDIC16 – The 16th European Powder Diffraction Conference United Kingdom 1st Jul 2018 - 4th Jul 2018
Polarized Neutrons for Condensed Matter Investigations (PNCMI) 2018 United Kingdom 3rd Jul 2018 - 6th Jul 2018
Methods and applications of crystal structure prediction: Faraday Discussion United Kingdom 11th Jul 2018 - 13th Jul 2018
Particle based methods in materials science United Kingdom 23rd Jul 2018 - 28th Jul 2018
7th EuCheMS Chemistry Congress United Kingdom 26th Aug 2018 - 30th Aug 2018
15th Biennial Meeting of the Society for Geology Applied to Mineral Deposits United Kingdom 27th Aug 2018 - 30th Aug 2018