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Methods and Techniques in structural biology: beyond black boxes. Season 2

Start Date 5th Oct 2016
End Date 8th Oct 2016

The course is intended primarily for post-doctoral researchers and Ph.D. students in structural biology with at least one year’s relevant experience in 3D-structure determination of macromolecules (X-ray diffraction, SAXS, cryo-electron microscopy). The workshop will cover state-of-the-art methodology for data processing with emphasis on integration of different methods to solve structures of macromolecular complexes and ‘difficult’ targets. The courses will cover theoretical and practical aspect of:

  • X-ray data processing (diffraction and SAXS)
  • Electron microscopy data processing
  • Phasing, refinement and validation (structure and data)
  • Integration of data from different experimental sources (X-ray diffraction and diffusion, cryo-electron microscopy), structure prediction to solve difficult problem (macromolecule reticent to crystallization, large complexes)
  • Ongoing and future developments (methods, techniques and instruments) for integrated structural biology.
This training course will contain full lectures and practical sessions. Full classes will be done in the morning sessions and practical will be organized each afternoon in subgroups that will be rotating. Participants may bring their own X-ray and cryo-electron microscopy data. Data collection and processing of solution structure by SAXS or X-ray diffraction will be available using the INSTRUCT CENTER - FRANCE 1 – IGBMC platforms. A visit of the Center of Integrated Structural Biology of the IGBMC will be included in the workshop program.

The number of participants is limited. 25 candidates will be selected by a committee (see Website for registration details and application). No registration fees for the workshop.

The workshop will be couple to the meeting "Current Challenges in Integrated Structural Biology" (October 3 - 4, 2016, IGBMC). A web site will be open shortly for the meeting. We strongly encourage participants of the workshop to attend the meeting.

This workshop forms part of the Instruct and of the FRISBI Training Course Programme 2016. It also part of the French national PhD program in Integrated Structural Biology (ReNaFoBiS).

Location Strasbourg
Contact kleinc@igbmc.fr
Céline KLEIN
URL https://isb-bbb2016.sciencesconf.org/

Category Workshops
Topics Biological macromolecules