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Protein quality control: Success and failure in health and disease

Start Date 14th May 2017
End Date 19th May 2017

Protein quality control is vital for cells and organisms and failure to maintain protein quality control is associated with a broad range of human diseases.

The key players of protein quality control are chaperones and degradation machineries. This EMBO Conference is pluridisciplinary and brings together structural biologists, biochemists and cell and molecular biologists who study the actions of chaperones and protein degradation machines in cells and tissues. Dysfunction of protein quality control is at the origin of a broad range of age-related diseases including the devastating neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and prion diseases. Aging and protein misfolding diseases are an integrated part of this EMBO Conference, as well as potential therapeutics.

Location Sant Feliu de Guixols
Contact Paula Murphy
URL http://events.embo.org/17-quality-control/

Category Conferences
Topics Biological macromolecules