Event Name

Soft-Inter2014: Soft Interactions in Biological and Biominetic Self-assemblies

Start Date 7th Sep 2014
End Date 13th Sep 2014

The main objective of the “Soft-Inter2014” school is to present a state of the art on self-assemblies and of their related concepts together with their characterization in the three disciplines, i.e. physics, chemistry and biology, in order to generate debates and communications in between scientific communities. An extremely didactic approach will be requested to the speakers, all of them being scientists involved in cross-disciplinary research of very high level. In addition, each two-hours course will be coupled to a brainstorming workshop hosted by the lecturer and a moderator of another discipline that will help in stimulating discussion. These discussions will compare the different views on the weak interactions, and help to identify purely semantic discrepancies on this adisciplinary concept.

Location Saint Malo
URL http://soft-inter2014.sciencesconf.org/

Category Schools
Topics Biological macromolecules | General