Event Name

2 Day ICM Workshop: Protein Structure and Drug Design

Start Date 5th Nov 2015
End Date 6th Nov 2015
Description Workshop topics include:
  •     Molecular Graphics
  •     Fully Interactive 3D Molecules in PowerPoint and the Web
  •     Linking Sequence to 3D Protein Structures
  •     Protein Structure Analysis
  •     Protein Modeling and Simulations
  •     Protein Structure Validation and Optimization
  •     Ligand Binding Site Prediction
  •     Protein-Protein Docking
  •     Small Molecule Docking
  •     Induced Fit Docking
  •     Structure and Ligand-based Virtual Ligand Screening
  •     Lead design using the ICM 3D Interactive Ligand Editor
  •     Cheminformatics: chemical clustering, searching, superposition, combinatorial library generation and QSAR
Location San Diego, CA
United States
Contact Andrew Orry
URL http://www.molsoft.com/trainingreg.html

Category Workshops
Topics Biological macromolecules | Computing | Data analysis