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Practical X-ray course on methods in protein crystallography: data collection, data processing, and phasing

Start Date 18th May 2015
End Date 22nd May 2015

The course will be organised by Lari Lehtiö, Kristian Koski, Tiila Kiema, Ari-Pekka Kvist and Rik Wierenga 

The course is supported by Biostruct-X, Biocenter Oulu, and the University of Oulu

There will be an international X-ray course at the Faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine of the University of Oulu, Oulu, Finland. The course will focus on data collection and data processing using iMOSFLM and XDS, to be complemented by lectures and tutorials on experimental phasing (SHELX) and molecular replacement phasing (CCP4). In addition there will be lectures on new techniques (XFEL diffraction and neutron crystallography). On the last day of the course there will be a remote data collection demonstration at Diamond Light Source, Oxford. The outline of the course follows the previous format, aiming for approximately 16-20 students, who will be provided with a computer in our linux class room.  Data collection from own crystals will be possible using our in-house Bruker microfocus X-ray generator or remotely at Diamond.

Current approximate outline:

Monday, May 18:
Basic concepts of biomolecular crystallography, by Bernhard Rupp (USA)
Emerging techniques: XFEL by Janos Hajdu (Uppsala, Sweden): “The basic principles of the XFEL technology and molecular imaging"

Tuesday, May 19/Wednesday, May 20 (data processing):
XDS, Manfred Weiss, BESSY, Berlin, Germany (also XDSapp as available at Bessy)
iMOSFLM, Harry Powell (LMB, Cambridge, UK)  (also data processing pipelines at Diamond)
Tuesday afternoon lecture by Bernhard Rupp on ligand binding studies

Wednesday, May 20/Thursday, May 21: (experimental and molecular replacement phasing)
Experimental phasing by SHELX, Thomas Schneider (EMBL, Hamburg)
Molecular replacement phasing by CCP4, Andrey Lebedev (CCP4, STFC)
Wednesday afternoon lecture on neutron crystallography by Dr. Zoe Fisher (ESS, Lund)
Thursday afternoon lecture by Thomas Schneider on the X-ray beamlines at EMBL, Hamburg
Friday, May 22:
Remote data collection at Diamond (Martin Walsh, Diamond)
Crystal sample management and data tracking from crystal to PDB by xtalPiMS (Ed Daniel, Oulu)

Throughout the course students will have time to work on their own topics in the linux class room and we will also provide the opportunity to collect data with our own equipment. Crystals that should be used for data collection in house or at Diamond should be available for freezing on the first day of the course or should be sent in advance to Oulu.

There will be a registration fee of 350Euro to cover the costs of accommodation and meals. We will try to make available fellowships to cover these costs.  When applying to attend this course follow the instructions attached below.  Please provide information on crystals and/or datasets that you would like to send in advance. Indicate also if such a fellowship is needed when being accepted for this course. In case of oversubscription, students with own crystals and / or own data sets will be prioritised.

Please apply by by 10.01.2015


Location Oulu
Contact Lari Lehtiö
URL http://www.oulu.fi/biocenter/instruct-nac/courses

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Topics Biological macromolecules | Computing | Data analysis | Free-electron laser | General