Event Name

CCP-EM Leeds RELION Workshop

Start Date 19th Sep 2016
End Date 19th Sep 2016

Hosted by CCP-EM and the Astbury Biostructure Laboratory (University of Leeds, UK) this one day workshop will focus on the RELION software package and is led by its developer Sjors Scheres (MRC-LMB).

The training will involve a hands-on tutorial of RELION 2.0 for cryo-EM single-particle analysis (http://www2.mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk/relion). It will cover the entire process from initial micrograph inspection, CTF estimation, (automated) particle picking, 2D and 3D classification, 3D high-resolution refinement, movie-processing, and map sharpening.

Computational facilities will be provided along with refreshments.

Registration is free but not a guarantee of acceptance. Application for registration will close on Monday 15th August 2016, participants will be selected and we will confirm places no later than Friday 19th August 2016.  There are 30 places at the workshop.

Location Leeds
United Kingdom
URL https://eventbooking.stfc.ac.uk/news-events/ccp-em-relion-workshop---applications-354

Category Workshops
Topics Biological macromolecules | Computing | Cryo electron microscopy