Event Name

Cryo-EM Sample Preparation Workshop

Start Date 9th Jan 2017
End Date 11th Jan 2017
Description Confirmed Speakers:
•  Bettina Böttcher, Hans Knoll Institute, Germany
•  Sarah Butcher, Biocenter, Finland
•  Felix DeHaas, FEI, Eindhoven
•  Venkat Dandey, New York Structural Biology Center, USA
•  Christoph Diebolder, NeCEN, Leiden University
•  Deryck Mills, Max-Planck Institute, Frankfurt, Germany
•  Peter Peters, Maastricht University, Netherlands
•  Chris Russo, MRC Laboratory, UK
•  Sonja Welsch, FEI, Eindhoven

Summary of Schedule:
Day One (January 9th)
Morning: Lectures (General Intro to cryoEM and Sample Preparation)
Afternoon: Hands on sample preparation sessions

Day two (January 10th):
Morning: Lectures (High Throughput and Technological Advances)
Afternoon: Hands on sessions (Vitrobots and Microscope time)

Day three (January 11th)
Morning: Lectures (Tomography/FIB-SEM/correlative light and EM)
Afternoon: Hands on sessions (Microscope time) followed by student presentations
Location Diamond Light Source, Didcot
United Kingdom
URL http://www.diamond.ac.uk/Home/Events/2017/EM-Workshop-2017.html

Category Workshops
Topics Cryo electron microscopy