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EMBO Practical course Cryo Electron Microscopy and 3 Dimensional Image Processing (CEM3DIP 2018): of Macromolecular assemblies and Cellular tomography

Start Date 18th Mar 2018
End Date 29th Mar 2018

The course will focus on structural biology using Transmission Electron Microscopy and aims to teach the participants the basic principles and practical aspects of specimen preparation, Image processing and 3D  reconstruction in Single Particle Cryo Electron Microscopy (SPCryoEM) and Cellular Tomography. This is a hands-on course, in which theory and practicals are tightly intertwined. There will be practical session to teach sample preparation for Single particle –ve stain and cryoEM. The topics covered will suit both the new entrants to the field as well as those who wants to acquire an in-depth understanding of the fundamental principles and practical aspects.

Applications are invited from PhD students, Post Docs and Researchers (Faculties/PI’s and protein crystallographers) who wish to acquire knowledge in SPCryoEM and Cellular Tomography. Applicants from all over the world are encouraged to apply.

The basic format of the course will be theoretical lectures in the mornings followed by hands on practical session on specimen preparation and image processing on computer workstations in the afternoon. Evenings will be reserved for poster presentations by the participants and research talks by the participants/instructors.

The instructors/speakers for the course will include:

  • Tony Crowther (MRC-LMB),
  • Wah Chiu (Stanford University),
  • Jack Johnson (TSRI),
  • Marin van Heel (Leiden University),
  • Edward Morris (ICR),
  • Paula da Fonseca (MRC-LMB),
  • Peter Rosenthal (TFCI),
  • Carsten Sachse (EMBL Heidelberg),
  • Sara Sandin (NTU),
  • Ardan Patwardhan (EMBL-EBI),
  • Maya Topf (Birkbeck),
  • Srinivasan N (IISc),
  • Tanmay Bharath (Dunn School of Pathology),
  • Agnel Praveen (Birkbeck),
  • Tanveer Hussain (IISc),
  • Sonja Welsh (FEI - part of Thermo Fisher Scientific),
  • Jayati Sengupta (IICB),
  • Manidipa Banerjee (IIT Delhi),
  • Ramanathan Natesh (IISER Thiruvananthapuram),
  • Vinothkumar KR(NCBS),
  • Partha Pratim Datta (IISER Kolkota),
  • Somnath Dutta (IISc).
Location New Delhi
URL http://meetings.embo.org/event/18-cem3dip

Category Training courses
Topics Cryo electron microscopy