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Going Beyond PX with Cryo Electron Microscopy, Tomography, and Diffraction. ACA Special Session

Start Date 26th May 2017
End Date 30th May 2017

Meeting participants working in protein crystallography and practitioners of cryo electron microscopy, tomography, and diffraction will have the opportunity to learn first-hand from internationally recognized experts contributing to the "Resolution Revolution". Recent advances in direct electron detection, automated cryogenic sample handling, phase plate technologies, and correlative cryo fluorescent light/electron microscopy hold considerable promise for protein crystallographers intent on studying larger, more complex, and often heterogeneous (conformational and compositional) assemblies of biological macromolecules that resist crystallization. At the close of the symposium, Invited Speakers will be asked to contribute to a round table discussion of the important roles that current and would-be cryo-EM/ET/ED practitioners can play in the future of the American Crystallographic Association.

Location New Orleans, LA
United States
Contact Stephen Burley
URL http://www.amercrystalassn.org/2017-meeting-homepage

Category Workshops
Topics Cryo electron microscopy