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Methods and applications in the frontier between MX and CryoEM

Start Date 19th Sep 2017
End Date 21st Sep 2017

Session I – Overview and principles

An overview of cryoEM: Richard Henderson (LMB-MRC, Cambridge, UK)

A Bayesian view on cryo-EM structure determination: Sjors Scheres (LMB-MRC, Cambridge, UK)

From hybrid methods to direct structure solving by cryoEM: a Spanish perspective: Jose López Carrascosa (CNB-CSIC, Madrid)

How to overcome biochemical limitations in sample preparation for high-resolution structure determination of macromolecular complexes by cryo-EM and X-ray crystallography: Holger Stark (MPIBPC, Göttingen, Germany)

Session II – Solution and reconstruction

EM reconstruction from the standpoint of Maximum Entropy estimation: Jorge Navaza (CNRS Emeritus at the École Normale Supériere de Cachan)

Solving X-ray crystal structures with cryo-EM reconstructions: Randy Read (CIMR, University of Cambridge, UK)

Repurposing molecular replacement algorithms for docking models in Cryo-EM reconstructions: Airlie McCoy (CIMR, University of Cambridge, UK)

Model-building in Low Resolution and Cryo-EM maps using Coot: Paul Emsley

Session III – Model Building to automation

Automated model building in cryoEM maps: Jon Agirre (YSBL, University of York, UK)

New approaches to the analysis of cryoEM maps quality:José María Carazo (CNB-CSIC, Madrid)

Structural studies of heterogeneous assemblies: Elena Orlova

Model-building using cryo-EM and crystallographic maps: Tom Terwilliger (Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA

Session IV – Refinement and Global Initiatives

 Refinement of atomic models into cryo-EM maps using REFMAC5: Garib Murshudov (LMC-MRC, Cambridge, UK).

New real space refinement methods for cryo-EM: Pavel Afonine (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley CA, USA)

The intersection of crystallography and cryo-EM in Phenix, new tools for both: Paul Adams (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley CA, USA)

Introducing the Collaborative Computational Project for Electron cryo-Microscopy: CCP-EM: Tom Burnley (CCPEM, UK)

Session V – Application and Future prospects

Investigating membrane protein structure and function by cryo-EM: Werner Kühlbrandt (Max-Plank Institut für Biophysik)

The emerging role of CryoEM in drug discovery and development: Paula da Fonseca (LMB-MRC, UK)

Cryo-EM at near-atomic resolution of icosahedral viruses: José Castón (CNB-CSIC, Madrid)

CryoEM illuminates the world of the Picornaviruses: Abhay Kotecha (Division of Structural biology, University of Oxford, UK)

Mechanistic insights on DNA replication and repair by cryo-EM: Rafael Fernandez Leiro (LMB-MRC, UK)

Structural studies of functional ribosome complexes: Paola Fucini (CIC-Biogune, Bilbao)






Location Barcelona
URL http://www.sbu.csic.es/conference-mx-cryoem-bcn/

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Topics Biological macromolecules | Cryo electron microscopy