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The First UAE Synchrotron User Meeting

Start Date 6th Dec 2016
End Date

The purpose of the workshop is to bring together the best scientists from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and synchrotron experts and see how the most strategic fields for the UAE can be addressed through synchrotron science. UAE scientists will include both national and non-national speakers. International top synchrotron experts will give a talk at the event.

One of the main points will be to understand what the requirements of the UAE scientists are in terms of synchrotron research (what types of beamlines, techniques, etc.). Once these are defined, we will try to understand what would be the best option in terms of costs and benefits for the UAE.

Location Dubai
United Arab Emirates
URL http://www.aesua.org/

Category Conferences | Lectures | Seminars | Workshops
Topics Characterisation of materials | Cryo electron microscopy | Crystal engineering | Crystal growth | Neutron scattering | Synchrotron radiation