Event Name

Workshop on cryo-EM and single-particle analysis

Start Date 1st Feb 2017
End Date 3rd Feb 2017

This workshop precedes the Lorne Proteins meeting.

The workshop will include hands-on practicals in addition toproblem-solving-oriented talks from leading software developers in the field, including

  • Steven Ludtke, lead developer of the popular, all-purpose EMAN2 suite of programs
  • Hans Elmlund, lead developer of the SIMPLE/PRIME suite of programs for ab initio 3Dreconstruction
  • Jose Miguel de la Rosa Trevin and Roberto Marabini, developers of the integrative software tool Scipion

The workshop will cover all computational aspects of single-particleanalysis, including 2D analysis, 3D starting model generation,heterogeneity analysis, and high-resolution refinement. You will beintroduced to and get the opportunity to try out the latest developments inthe field.

The meeting will accept 40 students.

Location Melbourne
URL http://simplecryoem.com/workshop.html

Category Workshops
Topics Computing | Cryo electron microscopy