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In Situ Serial Crystallography Workshop

Start Date 17th Nov 2015
End Date 19th Nov 2015
Description The lipid cubic phase (LCP) continues to grow in popularity as a medium in which to generate crystals of membrane proteins for X-ray crystallographic structure determination. The current LCP (in meso) protocol uses glass sandwich crystallization plates, which are challenging to harvest crystals from and are impractical for in situ X-ray diffraction measurements. 
This workshop is dedicated to the presentation of a novel in meso in situ serial crystallography (IMISX) method (Huang et al. 2015 Acta Cryst. D), which combines the many advantages of glass plates with high-throughput in situ serial data collection capabilities.
The workshop consists of introductory lectures, followed by hands-on practicals on methods for growing crystals of membrane proteins by the in meso or LCP method, for collecting serial diffraction data on micro-crystals directly in situ and for processing the data most efficiently for high-resolution structure determination.
There is no registration fee and all local expenses will be covered, but participants are requested to take care of their travel arrangements. The workshop is limited to 20 students. The application deadline is August 15.
Location Paul Scherrer Institut
Contact Meitian Wang
URL http://indico.psi.ch/event/issx

Category Workshops
Topics Biological macromolecules | Crystal growth | General