Event Name

Advanced Methods in X-ray Powder Diffraction

Start Date 23rd May 2016
End Date 27th May 2016

ICDD X-ray Diffraction Clinics

Session II

  • Brief review of fundamentals
  • Factors affecting accuracy of measured 2theta values: intensity aberrations, specimen displacement, specimen transparency, diffractometer alignment, and the use of external and internal standards
  • Factors affecting intensities of diffraction peaks: structure-sensitive properties, specimen-sensitive effects, and measurement-sensitive effects
  • Use of computer methods for data reduction and qualitative phase identification: peak-hunting methods, alpha2 stripping, search/match techniques and the Powder Diffraction File™, use of elemental data, error windows and probability searching, and scoring algorithms
  • Advanced data mining with the PDF
  • Exploration of powder pattern indexing methods
  • Quantitative analysis: specimen preparation considerations, Reference Intensity Ratios, absorption correction methods, matrix-flushing methods, and whole-pattern analysis using the Rietveld method
  • Structure solution and refinement using the Rietveld method
Location Newtown Square, PA
United States
URL http://www.icdd.com/education/xrd.htm

Category Training courses
Topics Data analysis | General | Powder diffraction