Event Name

BMTL — Bringing Maths to Life

Start Date 27th Oct 2014
End Date 29th Oct 2014

Analysing and interpreting rich biological datasets require more expertise than just knowledge of the biological system at hand. Extracting reliable insights from complex bodies of data calls for suitable mathematical solutions. This workshop lets biologists and mathematicians join forces to address key areas in biology that face demanding mathematical challenges. Discussing existing cases to identify gaps or to share existing solutions should help these disciplines in successfully linking up. BMTL Workshop will be hosted in the ancient city of Naples, and will provide a timely and pertinent occasion for international researchers that wish to engage in cutting edge science at the interface of mathematics and biology.


  • Spectra analysis: peak identification pattern recognition
  • Genetic variability and differential expression: sequence data analysis
  • Molecular dynamics and modelling of protein structure and function via high performance computing simulations
  • Deciphering complex relationships: networks and interactions
  • Zoom inside the cell: microscopy images processing
Location Naples
URL http://www.bmtl.it

Category Workshops
Topics Biological macromolecules | Data analysis | General