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58th Polish Crystallographic Meeting (Konwersatorium Krystalograficzne) and Workshop & Session of Polish Crystallographic Association

Start Date 22nd Jun 2016
End Date 22nd Jun 2016

Polish Crystallographic Meeting (Konwersatorium Krystalograficzne) is an annual scientific conference being a forum for exchange of views of all Polish physicists and chemists engaged instructural research and related fields. It usually collects approx. 230 scientists from all academic centers in Poland: universities, institutes of Academy of Sciences, research and development centers, industrial laboratories. In the conference participate both leading Polish crystallographers, and a large group of young people: young scientists, PhD and undergraduate students. Conference is one of the oldest Polish recurring conferences. It was started in 1956 and since then, with short breaks, it is organized in Wroclaw. The organizers of the conference are: the Committee of Crystallography of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Polish Crystallographic Association and the Institute of Low Temperature and Structure Research in Wroclaw.

Location Wroclaw
Contact Marek Wolcyrz
URL http://intibs.pl/kk2016/

Category National crystallographic association meetings | Conferences | Workshops
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