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Crystallography for Space Sciences

Start Date 17th Apr 2016
End Date 30th Apr 2016

COSPAR, the International Union of Crystallography and the International Astronomical Union are proud to announce the first International School/Workshop on Crystallography for Space Sciences.

The aim of the School/Workshop is to prepare a selected number of participants for the next generation of projects in search of a deeper knowledge and understanding of extraterrestrial minerals and rocks, either large solid bodies or interstellar dust particles, using in-situ and remote analytical techniques.

The workshop is intended to instruct about 30 PhD students, postdocs and young staff members in modern crystallographic techniques in the fields of diffraction, imaging, spectroscopy and remote sensing. They will also learn the formation of mineral growth patterns in the early Earth, our Moon, Mars and other planets and moons, meteorites and interstellar dust, as well as relevance of crystals with origin of life and detection of primitive life forms. During the workshop, the students will analyze and discuss data from the mission Discovery and Curiosity as well as the forthcoming Exomars mission. Portable difractometers and spectrophotometers designed for these missions will be used during field trips for remote analysis of volcanic rocks.

1. X-ray diffraction. Fundamentals and applications to space crystallography

2. Powder Diffraction: Sample preparation, data collection and analysis

3. Advanced X-ray diffraction techniques and portable diffractometers

4. Spectroscopic Methods. Fundamental and applications to space crystallography

5. Raman, Infrared and Mössbauer spectroscopy

6. Study cases: Meteorites, Lunar rocks, Interstellar dust, Mars mineralogy, etc

7. The use of portable infrared and Raman spectrophotometers

8. Minerals in space: Meteorites, Interstellar dust, Comets, Moon and Mars, etc...

9. Crystallization in space

10. Minerals and the origin of Life

Location Puebla
Contact JuanMa Garcia Ruiz
URL http://www.inaoep.mx/cospar2016/

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Topics Crystal growth | General | Mineralogy