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School of Crystallization and Crystallography for Latin America

Start Date 12th Nov 2011
End Date 25th Nov 2011

School of Advanced Studies in Crystallization and Crystallography for Latin America


The School of Advanced Studies in Crystallization and Crystallography for Latin America (ECRISLA) sponsored by the International Union of Crystallography (IUCr) and promoted by the International Organization of Crystal Growth (IOCG) is addressed to graduate students from Brazil and Latin America. These areas of knowledge, crystallization and crystallography are complementary, the event is an important opportunity to deepen their knowledge in an integrated manner. ECRISLA want to create a space for study, discussion and confraternization among teachers, internationally recognized experts, and students. To this end, national and international speakers will address various topics of theoretical and practical methods of crystallization and crystallography studies applied to structure determination of organic compounds and bioinorganic, the crystallization of drugs, materials science and nanotechnology. ECRISLA is structured in two distinct modules: Module 1: Crystallization and Module2: Crystallography. The number of entries for the event will be limited, and partial scholarship can be given to a limited number of students. ECRISLA School will be held in Florianopolis (SantaCatarina, Brazil) 13 - 18 November (Module 1) and 21 - 25 November (Module 2) at the campus of Universidade Federal de SantaCatarina (UFSC) and at the Hotel Maria Mar.

Invited Professors

  • Prof.  Juan Manuel Garcia-Ruiz
    • CSIC - Universidade de Granada – Espanha
  • Profa. Nair Rodriguez Hornedo
    • University of Michigan - EUA
  • Prof. Paolo Scardi
    • Universidade de Trento – Italia
  • Dra. Lourdes Infantes
    • CSIC – Espanha
  • Profa. Laura Fornaro
    • Universidad de la República – Uruguay
  • Dra. Dora Tombari
    • Lab. GADOR - Argentina
  • Profa. Yvonne P. Mascarenhas
    • Universidade de São Paulo – Brasil
  • Profa. Iris Torriani
    • UNICAMP-LNLS - Brasil
  • Prof. Antonio Carlos Hernándes
    • Universidade de São Paulo – Brasil
  • Prof. Roberto Avillez
    • PUC-Rio – Brasil
  • Prof. Fabio Furlan
    • UFABC – Brasil
  • Prof. Rogério Machado
    • UFSE – Brasil
Location Florianopolis
URL https://communities.acs.org/docs/DOC-5922

Category IUCr sponsored meetings
Topics Crystal growth | General