Event Name

XLIV Annual Meeting of the AIC

Start Date 14th Sep 2015
End Date 18th Sep 2015


Plenary Lectures

New Advances in Electron Diffraction: From Ab-initio Structure Solution to Refinement.
Lukas Palatinus (Institute of Physics of the AS CR, Prague)

Ab-initio Modeling in Crystallography
Bartolomeo Civalleri (Universita’ di Torino)

Watching Matter in Motion: Time Resolved Studies from Synchrotrons to FELs
Marco Cammarata (CNRS - University of Rennes)

Electron Diffraction and Imaging of Protein and Pharmaceutical 3D Nanocrystals
Jan Pieter Abrahams (Universiteit Leiden)


MS1. Advanced Theoretical and Experimental Methods in Crystallography

MS2. Investigating Structure-Property Relationships in Complex Molecular Systems by a Multi-Technique Approach

MS3. From Nature to Advanced Materials: Structure Characterization at the Nanoscale

MS4. New Topics in Crystal Growth Research

MS5. Nanostructures and Nanoscale Phenomena

MS6. Crystal Chemistry of Inorganic Compounds for the Understanding of Their Properties and Stability

MS7. Imaging Biomolecular Machines in Action through Cryo-Electron Diffraction and Cryo-Electron Microscopy

Location Vercelli
URL http://www.cristallografia.org/congresso2015

Category National crystallographic association meetings
Topics Biological macromolecules | Characterisation of materials | Crystal growth | Electron crystallography | Free-electron laser | General | Materials | Microscopy | Solid-state chemistry | Synchrotron radiation