Event Name

2nd International Symposium on Science at J-PARC

Start Date 12th Jul 2014
End Date 15th Jul 2014
In the 2nd International Symposium on Science at J-PARC (J-PARC 2014), the fruitful outcomes from each J-PARC facility and all exciting results of cutting edge studies on the related science fields will be reported. Future directions for technology development and research will also be discussed, in order to optimize the application of J-PARC’s future, 1 MW proton beam to various fields of research.

The symposium will be followed by a satellite workshop on July 16.

Plenary Speakers

  • Hitoshi Murayama (Director, KAVLI IPMU, Univ. of Tokyo, Japan)
  • Sadamichi Maekawa (Director General, ASRC, JAEA, Japan)
  • Marc Schyns (BNRC, Belgium)
  • Tadashi Koseki (J-PARC, Japan)
  • Takehiko Saito (GSI, Germany)
  • Shoji Nagamiya (Former Director of J-PARC Center & Science Advisor of RIKEN, Japan)
  • Jean-Michel Poutissou (TRIUMF, Canada) 
  • Masatoshi Futakawa (J-PARC, Japan)
  • Ken Andersen (ESS, Sweden)
  • Klaus Kirch (PSI, Switzerland)
  • Rob McQueeney (ORNL, USA)
Location Tsukuba
Contact Yujiro Ikeda
URL http://j-parc.jp/symposium/j-parc2014

Category Symposia
Topics Accelerators | Materials