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Euro Bio-inspired Materials 2016

Start Date 22nd Feb 2016
End Date 25th Feb 2016

International School and Conference on Biological Materials Science

Topics will encompass the formation mechanisms as well as the characterization of complex-shaped and hierarchically structured multifunctional materials present in living nature. Based on this, a further key topic will be the consideration of these architectures as archetypes for the generation of novel functional materials with an expanded property spectrum. We invite you to submit your contributions with regard to materials synthesis and design inspired by biological principles and structures. The conference will address Bio-inspired materials based on organic and/or inorganic phases including their mechanical, optical, electronic and magnetic properties as well as actuated systems. Further discussions will be dedicated to materials, which display their function in contact with biological systems, e.g. tissues. Moreover, theoretical modelling of the formation, structure and properties of biological and bio-inspired materials will play a main role.

Winter School of the Priority Program 1569 (SPP 1569) supported by the German Science Foundation (DFG). In addition to this satellite meeting also contributions of the SPP 1569 are included into the poster sessions of the conference.

The key objective of the SPP 1569 is to explore the principles of gene-regulated biomineralization for the production of multifunctional inorganic materials. The scientific aim is the application of biomolecules for the in vitro generation of inorganic functional materials as well as the biomineralization of these materials by living organisms in vivo. By using this route, materials with an enhanced property spectrum, which is not available via conventional processing techniques, shall be gained at ambient conditions by molecular architecture. The main objective is to generate materials with improved properties and novel property combinations by the conjunction of inorganic and organic components. Contact Juliane Kr√§nzl  spp1569@imw.uni-stuttgart.de

Location Potsdam
URL http://www.dgm.de/bio-inspired

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Topics Biological macromolecules | General | Materials | Solid-state chemistry | Structural chemistry