Event Name

Structure and Thermodynamics of Oxides at High Temperature. International Research Conference on

Start Date 20th Oct 2016
End Date 22nd Oct 2016

The conference will include invited talks and contributed poster presentations covering the following topics: 

  • High temperature thermal analysis and calorimetry
  • In situ high temperature X-ray and neutron diffraction
  • High temperature thermodynamic properties from mass spectrometry and other equilibrium experiments
  • Radiation thermometry
  • Experimental determination of phase diagrams
  • First principles computations of structural and thermodynamic properties at high temperatures

The aims of the conference are to disseminate information on experimental and computational methods suitable for structural and thermodynamic studies of oxides at temperatures above 1500°C, to promote collaboration between research groups in the field, and to delineate bottleneck experimental and computational issues to focus on in future research.

Technical Workshops: October 20, 2016

  • Brian Toby GSAS-II Workshop
  • Netzsch Workshop
  • Setaram Workshop

STOHT Conference: October 21-22, 2016

Location Davis, California
United States
Contact S Ushakov
URL http://thermo.ucdavis.edu/stoht16/

Category Conferences
Topics High pressure | Materials | Neutron scattering | Solid-state physics | Structural chemistry