Event Name

PolyChar 23. 23rd World Forum on Advanced Materials

Start Date 11th May 2015
End Date 15th May 2015

This is the 23rd World Forum on Advanced Materials, also known as PolyChar 23. This conference follows a large number of PolyChar conferences that have come before it and have established a measure of excellence and a special culture of friendship and collaboration for this forum. These include recent PolyChar conferences in Rouen France, Siegen Germany, Dubrovnik Croatia, Gwangju Korea, and most recently PolyChar 22 was held in Stellenbosch South Africa in 2014. This is the first time after over ten years that conference is returning to the U.S.

PolyChar has a tradition of having a day long short course before the start of the conference. The short course is a set of lectures by experts in the field describing different aspects of interest to the participants of PolyChar. This year the short course is set for May 11, 2015, and includes the following presentations:

  1. Holger Schönherr, Germany, Microscopy
  2. Brett P. Fors, USA, Photochemistry in Polymer Science
  3. Witold Brostow, USA, Friction, Wear and Scratch Resistance
  4. Bernhard Blümich, Germany, Solid State NMR.
  5. Dirk Schubert, Germany, Rheology & Processing
  6. Jean-Marc Saiter, France, Glass Transition and Glass Transition Temperature
  7. Jean-Michel Guenet, France, Scattering
  8. Kevin Menard, USA, Dynamic Mechanical Properties
  9. Sven Henning, Germany, Micromechanics
Location Lincoln, Nebraska
United States
URL http://polychar23.unl.edu/

Category Conferences
Topics Characterisation of materials | General | Materials | Microscopy