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EBSA Biophysics Course on Membranes and Lipid-Protein Interactions

Start Date 8th Sep 2014
End Date 12th Sep 2014

AIMYoung scientists studying membrane phenomena may be bewildered by the wide range of biophysical techniques which are currently used to study their properties. The aim of the course is to provide participants with a solid grounding in biophysical techniques so that they will not only be able to understand the literature in their area better, but will also be able to decide for themselves the advantages and disadvantages of applying particular methods in their research. Expert advice on specific problems will also be available. In addition, the course is an excellent networking opportunity. Students will meet some prominent biophysicists in the membranes field, and other young scientists from all over Europe, in an attractive and convivial environment.


EBSA is continuing its Advanced Courses on Biophysics, and due to popular demand, this is third of the series is focussing on Membrane Biophysics and Lipid Protein Interactions. This 5-day Advanced course is for PhD students, post-docs and young scientists. The registration includes full accommodation (housing and meals) and is heavily subsidised by EBSA to ensure widest possible participation. The number of Participants is limited to 60. EBSA also supports the 12th Greta Pifat International School of Biophysics.


Morning : the course will consist of plenary lectures by specialists in the field of membrane biophysics using most methodologies as applied to membranes (NMR, X-rays, AFM, Electron Microscopy, Fluorescence, Calorimetry, IR & Raman, Molecular Dynamics, etc.). Afternoon : Cases studies will be presented by teachers to small groups of participants to ensure maximum involvement of all participants. Round table discussions, where participants will also present their ongoing work and for which they may need advice from specialists, will follow.

Location Presqu'Ile du Ponant, Herault
Contact Pierre-Emmanuel Milhiet
URL http://www.ebsabiophysicscourse.com/

Category Training courses
Topics Biological macromolecules | Microscopy