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Electron Microscopy and Multiscale Modelling

Start Date 17th Sep 2007
End Date 21st Sep 2007

Electron Microscopy and Multiscale Modeling

Moscow, 3-7 September, 2007

This interdisciplinary meeting aims to bring together experts from several areas of modern crystallography and materials science and will focus on the link between methods of direct visualisation of structures at nano- and meso-scale based on electron microscopy and diffraction, and the rapidly expanding field of multiscale materials modelling. Electron microscopy and diffraction, together with other diffraction and high spatial resolution techniques, underpin the development and characterisation of new materials for nanoscience and nanotechnology, sustainable development and advanced power generation.

Electron microscopy and diffraction has been a traditionally strong area of international collaboration, while predictive multiscale modelling is a relatively new discipline that has already made a strong impact on the development of new materials and applications. Large-scale ab-initio density functional methods, mesoscale techniques, molecular and dislocation dynamics, and investigation of defects and phase transformations in materials, combined with image simulations and methods of quantitative interpretation of diffraction patterns and high-resolution spectra advance materials science in the area that has direct bearing on modern technology.

The meeting will be held from 3-7 September in the Institute of crystallography of Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow.

The topics of the meeting include:

  • Methods and techniques for direct visualisation and electron diffraction imaging of structures at nano-, meso- and macro-scale, application of these methods to the investigation of dynamical processes in materials in the bulk and at surfaces of materials, the structure and dynamical properties of defects, and high-resolution spectroscopy techniques;
  • Density functional and related ab-initio approaches to modelling bulk and surface structures, and quantitative interpretation of electron diffraction patterns, high resolution electron energy loss spectra, as well as information obtained using other quantitative methods for the determination of structure and electron charge density;
  • The structure and dynamics of defects, dislocations and grain boundaries, methods of direct imaging of defects, dislocations and grain boundaries, as well as other diffraction and related techniques, for example X-ray and neutron diffraction, and surface tunnelling microscopy and spectroscopy;
  • Methods based on in-situ mechanical deformation, and other techniques for in-situ modification of properties of materials, combined with modelling methods and approaches to the quantitative interpretation of in-situ observations;
  • Applications of the above techniques to practical problems in materials science particularly related to advanced power generation, combating climate change, and security of energy supply.
Location Moscow
Russian Federation
URL http://ns.crys.ras.ru/EMMM07/about.en.htm

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