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ELLS LearningLAB. Structural biology – shining light onto the fabric of life

Start Date 9th Feb 2015
End Date 10th Feb 2015

The European Learning Laboratory for the Life Sciences (ELLS), in collaboration with La Casemate Grenoble, invites European secondary school science teachers to apply for the ELLS LearningLAB “Structural biology – shining light onto the fabric of life” at EMBL Grenoble (France).

The course will provide an interactive introduction to the field of structural biology. The professional training course for secondary school science teachers will consist of a mix of seminars by EMBL scientists, hands-on activities and visits to world-class research facilities on the European Photon & Neutron Science Campus. The programme will cover a wide range of topics and highlight the use of high-energy X-ray sources and protein crystallography to study virus structures on the atomic scale.

During the 2-day course, a combination of seminars, discussions and hands-on activities will:

  • Introduce you to X-ray crystallography and its great potential to gain insights into the structure and function of viral proteins and antiviral drug design;
  • Update your knowledge on current biological research and get you in touch with research scientists;
  • Illustrate a range of classroom activities and experiments and equip you to use the presented resources to support your teaching of biology;
  • Include visits to world-class research facilities at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory Grenoble and the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF);
  • Give you the opportunity to develop your own scientific quiz and make it available to your students using the EMBL LearnApp;
  • Allow you to network and share your experiences with teachers colleagues.Location: EMBL Grenoble (European Photon & Neutron Science Campus) / La Casemate Grenoble


Course language: English  (teaching resources will be provided in English and French)

Course fee: free attendance 


Location Grenoble

Category Training courses
Topics Biological macromolecules | Synchrotron radiation