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10th International Conference on the Science of Hard Materials 2014

Start Date 10th Mar 2014
End Date 14th Mar 2014


The 10th International Conference on the Science of Hard Materials (ICSHM10) attempts to bring together scientists, technologists and manufacturers of Hard Materials. This broad but unique set of materials includes technically successful and continuously evolving subgroups such as cemented carbides, cermets, advanced ceramics, composites and super-hard materials. Through the years, synergy between science and technology has catalyzed achievement of superior quality and enhanced performance of components, tools and devices of hard materials by means of innovative microstructural design at different length-scales: bulk/film, monolithic/composite, functionally graded, surface modified, and micro/nano-structures. As a consequence, the range of applications for hard materials has been growing not only within consolidated sectors such as metalworking, mining, oil- and gas-drilling, construction, process and machine building industries, but also into high-tech and emerging technologies in the electronics, aeronautics and dental sectors, among others. As it has been the tradition in the previous nine conferences, the aim of ICSHM10 will be to provide an interdisciplinary forum for presentation, discussion and exchange of modeling, experimental and applied concepts that contribute in the advancement of Hard Materials.


To attain the goals of the conference, the following relevant topics will be addressed:
  • Fundamental Aspects
  • Advanced Characterization
  • Structure/Property Correlations
  • Processing Technology
  • Simulation and Modeling
  • Cemented Carbides (Hardmetals - Cermets)
  • Ceramics and Composites
  • Super-Hard Materials
  • Surface Modification
  • Technical Innovations
Location Cancun
URL http://www.icshm10.org/index.htm

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Topics Materials