Event Name

15th International Symposium on Metal-Hydrogen Systems

Start Date 7th Aug 2016
End Date 12th Aug 2016

F. Fundamental properties of metal-hydrogen systems

  • Crystal structures, thermodynamics and phase diagrams
  • Catalysis and reaction kinetics
  • Diffusion and transport phenomena
  • Surface and interface effects
  • Physical properties
  • Material synthesis and characterisation
  • Isotope (H, D and T) effects
  • Extreme conditions (high pressure, high temperature hydrides)

M. Materials involving hydrogen

  • Metallic hydrides
  • Ionic and complex hydrides
  • Chemical and organic hydrides
  • Nanoporous materials

A. Applications of metal-hydrogen systems

  • Hydrogen storage systems
  • Large scale storage and transport of hydrogen
  • Electrochemical applications: batteries and fuel cells
  • Hydrogen purification: solid state diffusion and porous systems
  • Effects of hydrogen on structural and containment materials
  • Other applications of metal-hydrogen systems
Location Interlaken
Contact Prof. Dr. Andreas Z├╝ttel (conference chair)
URL https://mh2016.ch/

Category Conferences
Topics Materials | Structural chemistry