Event Name

23rd International Congress on X-ray Optics and Microanalysis (ICXOM23)

Start Date 14th Sep 2015
End Date 18th Sep 2015

ICXOM23 will bring together scientists in the fields of X-ray microanalysis and those involved in optical instrumentation developments which will extend the reach of microanalysis. Although synchrotron radiation will be at the heart of the conference, since electron microscopy offers a different view of materials, the conference also welcomes contributions of recent developments in that field.

Topics Include

  • Optics for microanalysis
  • Scanning microscopy
  • Full-field imaging
  • Coherent Imaging
  • PEEM
  • Electron microscopy
  • Microdiffraction
  • Data analysis
  • Detectors
Location BNL, Upton, NY
United States
Contact Nancye Wright (BNL)
URL http://www.bnl.gov/icxom23/

Category Conferences
Topics General | Microscopy | Synchrotron radiation | X-ray optics and imaging