Event Name

7th European Charge Density Meeting (ECDM7)

Start Date 26th Jun 2016
End Date 1st Jul 2016

Preliminary List of Topics

The latest advances in methodology and applications of charge densities:

  • advances in data analysis
  • understanding dynamics of atoms and structures
  • progress in using large scale facilities
  • charge densities in crystal engineering
  • charge densities in materials science
  • charge densities and electron diffraction
  • charge densities in life sciences
  • charge densities at extreme conditions
  • charge densities beyond single crystal approach
  • physical applications of charge densities
  • charge densities of inorganic materials and minerals
  • compute or/and measure?
  • charge densities towards classical structural analysis
  • methods beyond charge densities
Location Warsaw
Contact Professor Krzysztof Wozniak
URL http://ecdm7.chem.uw.edu.pl/

Category IUCr sponsored meetings | Conferences
Topics Charge, spin and momentum densities | Crystal engineering | Data analysis | General | High pressure | Materials | Mineralogy