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BCA Chemical Crystallography Group Autumn Meeting: Functional Materials

Start Date 18th Nov 2015
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Session 1 Chair: Pete Wood (CCDC)

  • Prof Jon Steed (University of Durham): Sliding Down the Supersaturation Gradient: Crystals, Gels, Drugs and Blue Ketchup
  • Dr Valeska Ting (University of Bath): Engineering Nanoporous Materials for Applications in Energy
  • Lunch

Session 2 Chair: Gareth Lloyd (Heriot-Watt University)

  • Dr Ross Forgan (University of Glasgow): Enhancing the Synthesis, Crystallinity and Mechanical Stability of Metal-Organic Frameworks
  • Dr Jonathan Burley (University of Nottingham): Miniaturised Solid Form Screening of Drugs
  • Coffee and tea

Session 3 Chair: Lynne Thomas (University of Bath)

  • Dr Kim Jelfs (Imperial College): Predicting Structure and Function in Porous Molecular Materials
  • Prof Lee Brammer (University of Sheffield): Chemical Reactions and Dynamic Properties in Solids: Molecular Crystals to Framework Materials
  • Closing
Location Glasgow
United Kingdom

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Topics General