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Particulate Processes in the Pharmaceutical Industry IV

Start Date 14th Sep 2014
End Date 18th Sep 2014

An ECI Conference Series

Over 80% of all pharmaceutical products are in the solid dosage form. Particulate processes therefore abound in the pharmaceutical industry. These include crystallization; high-shear granulation; fluidized bed drying, granulation, and coating; tablet compaction; fine powder transport, mixing, and blending. These and other particulate processes are used for the large-scale manufacture of tablets and capsules for public consumption. As such, efficient handling and processing of particulates is critical to meeting the stringent guidelines set by the FDA and profitable manufacture of pharmaceutical products. Failed batches can mean the loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue needed to payback the tremendous up-front investment that is inherent in drug development. A recent US-FDA report on the pharmaceutical industry estimated that worldwide cost savings from manufacturing improvements could be as high as US$ 90 billion per year.
Particulate-based manufacturing processes need to be better understood so that they can be properly controlled and scaled up. The last decade has seen a shift from empirical formulation efforts to an engineering approach based on a better understanding of particulate behaviours in the process, facilitated by technological advances in computer modelling, manufacture and measurement techniques.


  • Crystallization and Formulation Engineering
  • Novel Drug Delivery Systems
  • Manufacture Processes and Product Engineering
  •  Simulation and Modelling
  • Predictive Modelling, Design Space and Process Analytic Technology
Location Potsdam
Contact Arlene Conway
URL http://www.engconf.org/14AN

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Topics Biological macromolecules | General | Industrial crystallography