Event Name

Electronic Materials and Applications 2017

Start Date 18th Jan 2017
End Date 20th Jan 2017


  • S1: Advanced electronic materials: processing, structures, properties, and applications
  • S2: Advanced processing for electronic and electrochemical systems: crystals, films, and devices
  • S3: Ceramic photonic materials and applications
  • S4: Computational design of electronic materials
  • S5: Energy sustainable optoelectronics and magnetoelectronics
  • S6: Fundamentals to applications for the use of thermal energy for power generation and refrigeration
  • S7: In situ experiments of microstructure evolution and properties
  • S8: Interfaces and surfaces in energy-related ceramic materials
  • S9: Interfaces in microstructural evolution: structure, properties, anisotropy, and motion
  • S10: Interfacial phenomena in multifunctional heterostructures: from theory to transport processes
  • S11: Ion conducting ceramics
  • S12: 5G materials for the millimeter wave revolution
  • S13: Mesoscale phenomena in ceramic materials, nano- and microstructures
  • S14: Multifunctional nanocomposites
  • S15: Superconducting materials and applications
  • S16: Failure: the greatest teacher
Location Orlando, FL
United States
URL http://ceramics.org/EMA2017

Category Conferences
Topics Characterisation of materials | Materials