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Faraday Discussion: Nanoparticles with Morphological and Functional Anisotropy 2016

Start Date 4th Jul 2016
End Date 6th Jul 2016
  • Anisotropic nanoparticles
    Synthesis, formation mechanisms and novel characterization tools of (mainly colloidal) anisotropic nanoparticles of different compositions (metal, metal oxide, semiconductor, polymer). Emphasis will be on growth mechanisms as well as surface and optical properties
  • Janus and patchy particles 
    Preparation and properties of particles with two or multiple domains. Selective functionalization of specific domains, modelling of ligand distribution and self-assembly
  • Particles at interfaces
    Morphology dependent wetting processes, which influence interfacial activity of Janus and patchy particles. Related self-assembly processes at liquid-liquid and liquid-air interfaces will also be included, with ample comparison between experimental and modelling observations
  • Biomedical applications
    Ranging from targeting to bioimaging through drug delivery, multiple applications in the biomedical field have been identified for anisotropic and patchy particles. Contributions in this field will be highly encouraged as the more practical part of the meeting 
Location Glasgow
United Kingdom
Contact Royal Society of Chemistry
URL http://www.rsc.org/events/detail/16842/

Category Conferences
Topics Nanomaterials | Structural chemistry