Event Name

Gordon Research Conference in Crystal Engineering

Start Date 6th Jun 2010
End Date 11th Jun 2010

Crystal Engineering

June 6-11, 2010

Waterville Valley Resort
Waterville Valley, NH

  • Chair:  Gautam R. Desiraju 
  • Vice Chair: Robin D. Rogers 
Crystal engineering is the design and synthesis of functional solid-state structures, based on a bottom-up approach from smaller building blocks such as neutral organic molecules, and organic or inorganic ions. It is convenient to identify the following main sub-divisions of this subject: (1) the study of intermolecular interactions; (2) the use of these interactions in the design strategy; (3) fine-tuning of crystal structure for property optimization. Typical design strategies use hydrogen bonds and coordination bonds, which define sub-structural units that are called respectively, supramolecular synthons and secondary building units. Crystal engineering is a fascinating and new subject that has many practitioners. It has strong overlap with supramolecular chemistry, X-ray crystallography, materials science and solid-state chemistry and yet it is a distinct discipline in itself. The subject goes beyond the traditional divisions of organic, inorganic and physical chemistry, and this makes for a very eclectic blend of ideas, techniques and strategies. Included within its scope are organic molecular crystals and metal-organic framework solids.

The purpose and scope of the Gordon Research Conference is to provide a forum for the discussion of the current state of the art of this rapidly evolving, highly interdisciplinary field of crystal engineering, to identify and debate open questions, and to point out new promising research directions. The conference will bring together experts with a diverse background and will consist of the following sessions:
  • Design strategies for molecular organic solids
  • Co-ordination Polymers -- Structure
  • Co-ordination Polymers -- Function
  • Polymorphism and Crystal Structure Prediction
  • Formation of Crystals
  • Process Development and Scale-Up
  • Organic Reactions in the Solid State
  • Two-Dimensional Crystal Engineering
  • The Future
Location Waterville Valley Resort, NH
United States
URL http://www.grc.org/programs.aspx?year=2010&program=crystaleng

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