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Gordon Research Conference on Electron Distribution and Chemical Bonding

Start Date 2nd Jun 2013
End Date 7th Jun 2013

Electron Distribution and Chemical Bonding

Pushing the Limits of Experimental and Theoretical Charge and Spin Density Studies

June 2-7, 2013 

Les Diablerets Conference Center
Les Diablerets, Switzerland
  •  Chair: Piero Macchi 
  • Vice Chair: Wolfgang Scherer
The Gordon Conference on Electron Distribution and Chemical Bonding is typically devoted to discussion on the nature of chemical interactions by studying the electron density distribution of molecules or solids. This attracts contributions from various fields, ranging from quantum chemistry and theoretical physics to experimental crystallography, materials chemistry and solid state physics.

The frontiers of this scientific area are addressed by putting the focus on the exploration of new types of chemical bonding/interactions and the identification of the control parameters providing the basis for a rational materials/drug design. Accordingly, the topics also enclose recent and future innovative concepts such as state-of-the-art charge density studies at "non-standard conditions" (high pressure, electric field, etc.) or novel techniques to explore photochemical or ultrafast processes. Another focus lies on the challenge to perform charge density studies at subatomic resolution. Here, the conference attributes to the dramatic instrumental achievements in pushing the resolution limits to meet the requirements for the study of core polarization effects.
Location Les Diablerets
URL http://www.grc.org/programs.aspx?year=2013&program=elecdist

Category IUCr sponsored meetings | Conferences
Topics Charge, spin and momentum densities | Chemical crystallography | High pressure