Event Name

Hydrogen-Metal Systems. Gordon Research Conference

Start Date 12th Jul 2015
End Date 17th Jul 2015

Fundamental Aspects of Hydrogen Interaction with Materials and Novel Energy Applications

 Topics include:

  • Physisorption
  • Reaction mechanisms / pathways in complex hydrides
  • Surface phenomena and finite size effects
  • Novel high capacity hydrogen storage materials
  • Transport phenomena in hydrides
  • Hydrogen in energy storage applications
  • Recent advances on hydrides based on metals and alloys
  • Hydrogenation / dehydrogenation of hydride composites
  • Novel methods and new characterization techniques (of hydrogen interaction)


Location Easton, MA
United States
Contact Ragaiy Zidan or Bjorn C. Hauback
agaiy.zidan@srnl.doe.gov or bjorn.hauback@ife.no
URL https://www.grc.org/programs.aspx?id=11602

Category Conferences
Topics General | Materials | Surface studies