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ICCGBC-2014. International Conference on Crystal Growth and Biomolecular Crystallography

Start Date 28th Nov 2014
End Date 29th Nov 2014

This conference marks the celebration of the International year of Crystallography-2014, announced by UNESCO, in order to honor the occasion of 100 years since the first X-ray diffraction experiment carried out by Max von Laue, William and Lawrence Bragg. The discoveries made by them a century ago revolutionized fields from mineralogy to biology, to study the three dimensional structure of molecules at atomic resolution.

The technique Braggs developed and used for their pioneering work on the structures of minerals, small compounds and alloys, is also applied extensively to determine the structures of biological macromolecules such as virus, proteins and nucleic acids.

Modern X-ray crystallography is now almost completely automated due to sophisticated high energy synchrotron sources, ultra-sensitive X-ray detectors and associated powerful algorithms for data analysis of hundreds of thousands of diffraction intensities. Till date, nearly two dozen Nobel prizes have been awarded for the discoveries involving X-ray crystallography.

This International Conference on Crystal Growth and Biomolecular Crystallography will be addressed by the several renowned crystallographers and advanced material scientists. The lectures will present a historical perspective with recent advances in crystal growth and X-ray crystallography and their application in modern science.

Location SASTRA University, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu
Contact Dr K. Saraboji or Dr R. Bairava Ganesh
saraboji@scbt.sastra.edu or bganesh@eee.sastra.edu
URL http://sastra.edu/iccgbc/

Category Conferences
Topics Biological macromolecules | Crystal growth