Event Name

ICESS-15. International Conference on Electron Spectroscopy and Structure

Start Date 28th Sep 2015
End Date 2nd Oct 2015

The thirteenth International Conference on Electron Spectroscopy and Structure: ICESS-15, will be held in Stony Brook, New York, Sept 28th to bring together some 400 people interested in the properties of electrons and their interactions in systems ranging from atoms and molecules to complex condensed matter materials. Specific topics fordiscussion will include Atomic and Molecular Science, Photochemistry, Quantum Materials, Imaging Spectroscopies, Novel Instrumentation, and Nanomaterials.

Electronic structure is one of the fundamental properties of matter, and as such has been the subject of scientific investigation for more than a century.  However the last two decades have witnessed important new discoveries in all areas ranging from the atomic level through to that of complex materials.  There have also been significant developments in new methods, both theoretical and experimental, for investigating these properties.   New experimental techniques have often evolved at the large scale facilities and by 2015 it is anticipated that the new state-of-the-art synchrotron radiation source at BNL, the NSLS II will be operational.  It is anticipated that attendees will have the opportunity to tour this important facility.



Location Stony Brook, NY
United States
URL http://www.stonybrook.edu/commcms/icess/index.html

Category Conferences
Topics Electron crystallography | General | Materials | Solid-state chemistry | Solid-state physics | Synchrotron radiation | XAFS studies | X-ray optics and imaging | X-ray spectroscopy