Event Name

Joint SSRL/LCLS Annual Users' Meeting

Start Date 7th Oct 2014
End Date 10th Oct 2014

Oct. 1

  • Exploring an Inverse Compton Source (ICS) at SLAC.
  • Integrating Synchrotron Techniques into Environmental Carbon Science
  • X-ray Spectroscopy for Chemical Catalysis
  • New Directions for High-Energy Density (HED) Physics at the LCLS Matter in Extreme Conditions (MEC) Instrument
  • Toward a Modular Framework for Lightsource Experiment Simulation
  • Don't Fade Away: Saving the Vivid Yellows of Matisse and Van Gogh, Jennifer Mass (Winterthur Museum) (7:30 pm, ROB/Kavli Auditorium)

Oct. 2

  • AMO Instrument Update: Opportunities for New Science
  • LCLS Detectors
  • LCLS Data Collection, Diagnostics, Analysis & Interpretation
  • MicroXAS Imaging with SSRL's New 2-5 keV Beam Line 14-3
  • Synchrotron Techniques in Metal Biogeochemistry:  Across Time and Spatial Scales.
  • Photon Sciences Seminar
  • Science Challenges & Opportunities for an Advanced X-ray Free-electron laser - Robert Schoenlein (LBNL)(Bldg. 51, Kavli 3rd Floor Conference Room)

Oct. 3

Plenary Session, SSRL & LCLS Parallel Sessions


  • Towards a Sustainable Energy Future - Arun Majumdar (Google)
  • Exploring Matter in Extreme Conditions - Siegfried Glenzer (SLAC Photon Sciences)
  • Science Case for Diffraction Limited Storage Ring - Oleg Shpyrko (University of California San Diego)
  • Science Case for Short-Pulse Time-Resolved Studies at SSRL - Aaron Lindenberg (Stanford PULSE Institute, and Stanford Materials Science and Engineering)
  • Novel Short Pulses at LCLS - Ryan Coffee (SLAC LCLS)


  • Spicer Young Investigator Award - Disorder, defects and charge transport in organic electronics - Jonathan Rivnay (Centre Microelectronique de Provence)
  • Utilizing Non-equilibrium Polymorphism as an Avenue to High Performance Organic Semiconductors - Gaurav Giri (Stanford University/MIT)
  • Oct. 4 Frontiers in Quantum Solids: Combining Soft X-rays and Ultra-fast Techniques - - Moved to Kavli Auditorium
  • Oct. 4 Scientific Opportunities using High Repetition Rate X-ray Sources with 1-10 ps Bunch Length -- ROB A/B
  • Oct. 4 Software for Serial Crystallography Data Analysis -- ROB C/D.
  • Oct. 4 Early Career Scientist Forum -- Bldg. 40 Cypress Conference Room

SATELLITE EVENTS (Separate registration required)

  • Oct. 1-2 Using X-rays to Study Cultural Heritage. Organizers: Marc Walton (The Getty Conservation Institute), Apurva Mehta (SSRL). Register at: http://ceramics.org/meetings/aacs-workshop
  • Oct. 1-2  High Power Laser Workshop: Part I-New Directions for High-Energy Density Physics at the Matter in Extreme Conditions Instrument (Joint with Users' Conference)
  • Part II-Frontiers of High-Power Laser-Matter Interactions
  • Organizers: Siegfried Glenzer (SIMES), Roger Falcone (LBNL), Stefan Hau-Riege (LLNL). Register at http://conf-slac.stanford.edu/hpl-2013/
Location Menlo Park, CA
United States
Contact Cathy Knotts
URL https://conf-slac.stanford.edu/ssrl-lcls-2013/

Category Conferences
Topics Synchrotron radiation